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Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with us today to learn how BioNixus can help your future success.

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Business Meeting


BioNixus is delighted to offer pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies, a full business solution to access the fast-growing Middle East markets.

With this model, BioNixus is acting as a Business development partner, responsible for analyzing the marketplace for the agreed products/ services, propose and recommending the best options for its partners.

The service bundle developed to nurture this business model are including:

  • Market research and Market analysis.


    Reviewing position of the partner and its products.


  • Recommend the most efficient market access strategies.

  • Develop the local Customized strategies inline with the product global branding strategies and manage the on-ground execution of these plans.

  • Gaining of new Clients and Markets .

  • Media Development Strategies .

  • Employ high effective Market access specialists to provide the needed Business development services and geographical coverage.

  • Ensure efficient medical and pharmaco-vigilance support

  • Ensure the proper in-bound logistics through a well professional distribution network.

  • Provide one point of contact for the supply chain, accounting and finance to our partners, through our professional business support team.

Business Meeting


BioNixus is delighted to provide Consultancy services for our new and existing partners with the necessary in-depth market analysis, supporting them to build a better understanding of the Middle East business environment and the local healthcare drivers and challenges.

In these consultancies, we are providing our partners with key insights including the following:

  • Business environment analysis and scenario planning.

  • Evaluating market opportunity and assessing market potential.

  • Evaluate and Recommend different market entry strategies.

  • Review product portfolio and highlight market priorities.

  • Patient support programs 

  • Market research Project and 3rd party Market research.

  • providing best in class Patient support program Projects, Medical Affairs, Market research, Medical, and Content writers and consultants.

Marketing team meeting


BioNixus is delighted to provide a customized business solution for companies with or without already existing relationships in the Middle East markets.

We will Sign and Contract new Distributors for your Company, But we can do much more.

This model has developed to enable our partners to Contract or continue their ongoing commitment with any prior local distributor while we are stepping into managing their overall Middle East business and directly performing the regulatory, market evaluation, marketing planning, sales promotion, medical and pharmaco-Vigilance functions.

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